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We are a small team who work exceptionally well together to help support participants with unique and varied intellectual abilities. No matter what each day’s challenges bring, we try and make each day better than the last and rely on the input and feedback of participants and stakeholders to help us continually improve and provide services that are in line with individual needs and aspirations.

Employees & VOLUNTEERS

If you have the type of personality that has patience, strength, wisdom, kindness, creativity, spontaneity, calmness and gentle assertiveness, then you can be an amazing support worker. We are always looking for that ‘special’ person who has a gentle heart and values respect, dignity and integrity.

If you are seeking a job where you can make someone’s life easier because you don’t have a weak stomach; are not afraid to get down and personal and don’t mind the occasional challenge, then please contact us.

If you’re seeking a job where you can make other people’s lives easier, if you value dignity, integrity and respect, and don’t mind the occasional challenge, then please contact us.

We are a small team of very dedicated, hard-working and loyal team that puts our clients and our centre above financial gain. If you have the same work ethic and would like a job where you know that you’ve made a positive difference to someone’s life then this is a job for you.

If you have the credentials to join our team, then you will benefit from on-the-job training and support and can undertake further studies if you wish.

This type of work will not make you rich but will enrich your life as you meet so many special people who will touch your life in so many ways.

If you are interested and want to learn more then please contact us at