As soon as you enter the doors at My Home Disability Services, you will feel right at home, welcomed and respected by all. You will be part of a big family, forming new friendships with other participants and with your support workers. We are excited to meet new people and to discover everything about you. Not only will we teach new skills and introduce you to new things, but we will also learn from you as you educate us about your culture, your likes, your dislikes and your views.

Participants using My Home Disability Services are given choices regarding what activities they wish to engage in at day program. They are encouraged to try new things, explore hidden talents, try new sports, interact with their community and experience opportunities both individually or in a group setting. As long as the activity is safe, the choices are endless.

Whoever enters our doors are treated with kindness, whether they are participants, family members, therapists or visitors. We get referrals from unexpected sources and find that our reputation supersedes our expectations. We are delighted when participants, therapists, family members, support coordinators and others recommend our services. Although ACWA’s services specifically target people from Arab and Muslim backgrounds, we are not exclusive, don’t discriminate and welcome everyone.

We provide programs for people with varying abilities and support needs from mild to exceptional. Participants may have a mild intellectual disability, acquired brain injury mental illness, physical and or sensory disability. No matter the ability, we have the capacity, capability and experience to support participants needing our help. If we are unable to provide the service that is unique to your needs, then we will help you find a better service through our extensive family of networks.