Support Coordination


Australian Council of Women Affairs (ACWA) also offer a Support Co-ordination service independent of My Home Disability Services to ensure there is no conflict of interest with ACWA as an NDIS provider. Our coordinators will remain impartial at all times and help you look for supports and services from an array of NDIS service providers. The ultimate decision regarding what service provider to choose will ultimately be yours. Our job is to provide you with the necessary information and help you get all the answers about a specific service to help you decide if that service is right for you.

Our support coordinators will work with participants to help them carefully budget the funds allocated in their Plan and connect them to supports and services that will best help them achieve their needs and aspirations. Support coordinators will alleviate any stress involved in finding the right service or supports for you. If one service does not meet your needs, then don’t worry because our friendly coordinators will help you find another more suited service.

Should you choose to participant in My Home Disability’s Day Program or our other flexible services, then you are most welcome but don’t worry if our services don’t fit your needs because it is our job to make sure that you are happy with the services you choose to partake in.