Day Program


Through the intake and referral pathway, our management team can guide you through our supports offering: –

  • Support Coordination
  • Day Programs – recreational, sport and community participation
  • Flexible Support Service
  • Learning and Life Skills Programs
  • Social community interaction to prevent social isolation and to increase social support to people with intellectual disabilities and to the frail and elderly community members.


Service Aims:-

  • Provide meaningful activities and offer a range of support services that are tailored to meet the needs of the person with a disability.
  • Assist people to develop and maintain skills relating to accessing and participating in the community, independent living and life skills.
  • Provide carers with quality respite.
  • Provide opportunities for recreational participation & enjoyment.
  • Assist individuals to establish their own peer support and recreational networks with other people who share similar interests.
  • Support families who are financially disadvantaged by not denying them our services
  • Strengthen the resilience of older carers who have health issues that have affected their ability to continue in their caring roles.
  • Supports families when dealing with stressful situations, transforming stresses into challenges and emerging with renewed strength.
  • Helps families plan for the future care needs of their adult children.
  • Supports all cultural background with specific emphasis on Muslim families from Arab backgrounds.
  • Matches services users with same gender carers.
  • Encourages families to entrust us with their female children due to our religious and cultural understanding.
  • Attempts to resolve the isolation barrier when it comes to families isolating their children with intellectual disabilities (especially females) from the rest of society.